First Hard Freeze Coming?

Forecast temperature profile for the next 7 days.
Forecast temperature profile for the next 7 days.

The answer to that would be “yes”. It’s the “when” we’re not so sure about.

It could be as soon as Thursday night into Friday morning according to some of the forecast models we look at.

But again, these are “forecast models” and are not set in stone.

The WBKO viewing area will see a series of upper air disturbances called “Alberta clippers” that will race down from Canada (henceforth the name). Each one will bring a chance for light precipitation.

The first “clipper” will arrive late tonight with a chance of light rain which may last through the Tuesday morning commute.

Temperatures will run a good 10-degrees cooler Tuesday afternoon than today behind the clipper.

“Clipper 2” (we’ll call it) will move through early Wednesday morning with another small shot of light rain with some folks in northern Kentucky possibly seeing a wet snowflake mix. But don’t get excited, ground temperatures are still too warm for anything to stick.

These clippers will help establish what looks to be our first hard freeze for Thursday night into early Friday morning if all goes as forecast. Lows could dip into the upper 20s to low 30s here in Bowling Green and surrounding areas.

The area saw its first frost Sunday morning as the official low dipped to 34° at the Bowling Green airport. The average first frost for this area typically occurs on or around October 13th with the first freeze on or around October 24th.

Frost is likely when temperatures fall below 35° for at least two hours or more with winds near calm usually under a clear sky. Freeze Warnings are issued when temperatures are expected to fall below 30° for at least two hours or more.

A “hard freeze”, often called a “killing frost” occurs when the temperature reaches 28° or lower which is cold enough to kill or damage plants or crops left outdoors.



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