Windy, Wet and Warm Weekend


The setup has already begun for what promises to be a rather soggy weekend across much of the Ohio and Tennessee Valley region – even beyond!


The current picture is pretty tranquil.  No weather worries today as sunshine prevails on the west side of a big high pressure ridge.  Southerly winds will become breezy at 15-25 mph this afternoon as high clouds approach ahead of the big weekend system.  Highs will reach around 60° this afternoon.


The surface map for Friday shows the first impulse of low pressure riding along a slow moving cold front.  With high pressure now off in the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico is “open for business” and will send an abundant moisture feed into the mid-South region.  Primarily, we’re looking at scattered showers and possibly a few thunderstorms around Southern Kentucky/Middle Tennessee for Friday.  Wind will continue to be breezy at 15-25 mph at times.

FRIDAY’S WEATHER IMPACT: Breezy winds 15-25 mph, scattered thunderstorms.


This simulated radar composite shows the scattered nature of the rain on Friday with rainfall amounts anywhere from .10″-.25″ by afternoon.  Any heavy rainfall will come overnight Friday with the arrival of the next impulse of low pressure.  Highs will reach well into the mid 60s which is 15-20° above average!


The potential for the heaviest rainfall will come Saturday for the region.  Based on the latest model guidance, Southern Kentucky/Northern Middle Tennessee look to gain anywhere from 2-3″ of rain with continual rounds of thunderstorms producing torrential downpours.  This may cause some flash flooding issues along swelling creeks, streams and rivers.  Already, Flood Watches have been posted west of our region and are likely to be posted in our area some time in the next 24 hours.

SATURDAY’S WEATHER IMPACTS: Drenching downpours/possible flooding. Strong Storms. Gusty Winds.


While Southern Kentucky/Northern Middle Tennessee is not currently under a “risk” for severe storms, this map could change as we get new model runs and get a better fix on where the best instability for strong/severe storms may exist on Saturday.  Right now, that area is further southwest of us.  If you’re planning to travel this weekend, stay alert for the possibility of severe storms, even a few tornadoes in the Central and Southern parts of the Mississippi River Valley.


Further north will be the “winter” side of this storm system with snow and ice from Southern Michigan through northern Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.  West of the Mississippi River, things look relatively quiet.

Stay connected to WBKO and and our mobile app for later updates.  If you have not signed up for our free text alerts, that would be a good idea to do so now.  You will find “buttons” at the top of the web page to download our app (both iPhone and Android) and to sign up for text alerts.  In the meantime, if you’re heading out for the holiday weekend, be careful, enjoy your time with family and friends and KTWBIKY!



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